Viking District 2007

Here are the some stills from video we took of our heats at the Viking District race this year. Video from the Pack 140 races are on this page.

Due to an ill-conceived, and even more poorly executed, attempt at a rules change prohibiting graphite this year, we ended up racing at the District having added neither Teflon nor more graphite. Our car grew slower with each heat as the residual graphite wore or shook off. (If we'd re-applied graphite properly, we might have done a bit better, perhaps enough for a trophy, but without the modified wheels we saw on some of the very fastest cars, first place would certainly have been out of reach.)

Our first heat: Tyler in lane 4 (rightmost)
Tyler in lane 3, Tom Perry in lane 4
Tyler in lane 2, Tom Perry in lane 3
Tyler in lane 1, Tom Perry in lane 2
Tom Perry in lane 1